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Table Top

September 2022


To work the core abdominals whilst maintaining lumbar and scapula stability and to challenge balance and co-ordination

Starting Position

Come to an all fours position with the knees bent directly under the hips and place the hands on the floor directly under the shoulders.


Inhale - To prepare

Exhale - To engage the core abdominals and stretch the right leg along the floor until it is fully straight and then lift the leg up off the floor as high as a neutral pelvis can be maintained.  Ideally the foot will be level with the spine and no higher.  Simultaneously stretch the left arm forwards along the floor and then lift the arm up in the air aiming to get the hand to shoulder height whilst keeping the distance between the ear and the shoulder

Inhale - As the limbs are held outstretched in the air

Exhale - Keep the core abdominals engaged to return the limbs back to the floor and then return to the starting position.

Target Muscles

Core Abdominals, gluteals, scapula stabilisers


  • Ensure a neutral spine is maintained when lifting and lowering the limbs
  • Ensure the shoulders stay away from the ear
  • Try to avoid collapsing in between the shoulder blades.  Engage serratus anterior to maintain the distance in between the shoulder blades
  • Keep the waist long and even on both sides

Contra Indictions

This exercise places extra stress on the wrist and knee joints.  Take extra care when attempting this exercise for certain clients with problems in these joints, as it may prove unsuitable for them.  Choose variation one in this case.

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July 2022

A lovely exercise for spinal articulation to open the back of the body and assist in coordination

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