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Side Kick Kneeling

September 2020


To work the abductors whilst maintaining length in the waist and spinal stability

Starting Position

Kneel upright on the floor and then stretch out the right leg to the right side until the right foot is level to the left knee.  Place the left hand on the floor, level with the left knee.  The left hand, left knee and right foot all lie in the same plane and alignment.  Place the right hand onto the right hip. 

Alternatively, it may be placed in front of the forehead.  The body should form a diagonal straight line from the right foot, right hip to the right ear.  Ensure the buttocks do not stick out.  Inhale and stretch the foot along the floor, elongating the waist and lift the leg upwards as high as possible, aiming to get the foot level with the hip


Exhale - To move the leg forwards in front of the body towards the chest.  The leg moves as far forwards as a neutral spine allows

Inhale – To bring the leg back again, keeping the foot level with the hip

Exhale – To push the leg backwards behind the hip as far as a neutral spine allows

Inhale – To bring the leg back again, keeping the foot level with the hip.  Continue moving the leg back and forth up to ten times

Exhale – To finish and lower the leg back down to the floor again

Target Muscles

Glute Maximus, glute medius, glute minimus, tensor fascia latae, psoas


Ensure the shoulders stay away from the ear and the gap between ear and shoulder remains equal on both sides.  Maintain good scapula stability to prevent any collapsing in between the scapula

Keep the collar bones open

As the leg moves back and forth, imagine it is sliding on a sheet of glass (i.e. maintain a constant even height as the leg moves)

Keep abdominals engaged throughout to ensure a neutral spine so that the back does not over arch or over flex

Ensure the pelvis does not roll forward or back (keep the hips stacked directly on top of one another

Maintain an equal length on both sides of the waist

Ensure that the body does not lean forwards or backwards as the leg moves

Ensure the body is in alignment to prevent the buttocks from sticking out

Ensure the head does not poke forwards

Contra Indictions

Some outer thigh exercises may aggravate sciatic problems

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July 2022

A lovely exercise for spinal articulation to open the back of the body and assist in coordination

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