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Teaser - Variation One

June 2018


This exercise works the core abdominals and involves balance and coordination

Starting Position

Lie supine with straight legs together and arms outstretched straight behind head on the floor


Inhale - To prepare

Exhale - Engage the core abdominals, tuck in the chin and raise the arms off the floor.  When the fingertips are pointing directly up to the ceiling, lift the head off the floor.  As the shoulder blades start to come off the floor, simultaneously lift the two straight legs until the entire body is in a fully upright sitting position.  The arms will be outstretched straight at shoulder height

Inhale - To hold the upright sitting position

Exhale - To return the body back down to the floor, vertebra by vertebra, trying to maintain flexion in the lumbar spine throughout.  Try to aim for the head and feet to touch the floor at the same time on the descent.

Target Muscles

Pelvic floor, transversus abdominis, hip flexors, quadriceps


As the legs lift off the floor, ensure the core is fully engaged to prevent the lumbar spine going into extension

Try to ensure segmental control of the spine when lifting and lowering the torso, vertebrae by vertebrae

Try to keep the legs close to the chest when in the fully sitting upright position since the lower the legs, the greater potential to pull the lumbar spine into extension (to avoid this, the knees may be bent for those with tight hamstrings)

Ensure the body stays long and tall with the shoulders away from the ears

Contra Indictions

This exercise is unsuitable for anybody that has osteoporosis

This may be unsuitable for those with certain back problems

Unsuitable during pregnancy and post pregnancy

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July 2022

A lovely exercise for spinal articulation to open the back of the body and assist in coordination

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