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The Boomerang

August 2020


To work the abdominals and achieve segmental control of the spine and to stretch the back muscles and hamstrings

Starting Position

Sit upright with the legs outstretched and cross the right leg over the left leg, keeping the legs straight.  The arms are down by the sides of the body.


Inhale - To prepare

Exhale - Engage the core abdominals and roll backwards into a rollover (page 55)

Inhale - To quickly change the leg position, crossing the left leg over the right leg

Exhale – To roll back through the spine and come to balance just back of the sit bones like the Teaser position (page 72).  A certain degree of momentum is employed here

Inhale – To clasp the hands behind the back with the arms lifted as high as possible, opening the chest and shoulders

Exhale – Slowly lower the legs to the floor, whilst maintaining an upright spine and neutral pelvis

Inhale – Fold the torso over the legs into a hamstring stretch, keeping the arms up behind the back

Inhale – To bring the arms forwards, reaching the hands towards the feet

Inhale – To roll back up vertebra by vertebra, re-stacking the spine to an upright sitting position

Target Muscles

Core abdominals, spinal flexors, neck flexors, hip flexors, hamstrings


Try to keep shoulders away from the ears

Try to move sequentially, one vertebra at a time throughout the movement

If the hamstrings or lower back muscles are tight, then bend the knees as necessary

On the returning phase of the movement, the closer the legs are to the body, the easier the abdominal work so to increase abdominal workload, lift the legs away from the body before attempting the descent

As the legs lower from the Teaser position, ensure that the lumbar spine does not go into extension.  Do not lean backwards here either to compensate for the legs going forwards.  Use the core to keep control

Contra Indictions

This exercise may be unsuitable for neck and certain disc related back problems and osteoporosis

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July 2022

A lovely exercise for spinal articulation to open the back of the body and assist in coordination

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