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instructor of the month

James D'Silva

January 2022


The Garuda Studio, North London, UK

Your teaching tips

Work in creating an honest shape.

Understand the body's architecture, know your strengths and limitations and subsequently direct the movement into personalising the exercise to fit your body's expression. Always remember that there is no perfect shape just the honest one to suit the moment's physicality and emotions.

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

Any exercise that uses a three-dimensional expression of movement involving spirals, flexions, extensions with a true understanding of rhythm and flow has me totally enthralled.

I find that my teaching changes depending on the body in front of me and constantly finding new ways of expressing movement to cultivate and nurture the client I am with.

I am constantly adapting exercises to fit the moment and the client.

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

After 40 years of teaching movement, I still claim to be a novice in the business. I am constantly learning from my clients and never take anything for granted. Each time I step in to teach I have this rather panicked feeling of whether I will do justice to the client and the method. In all these years I have also realised that movement has to be simple, functional, organic and joyful. 

One has to have a sense of humour and playfulness in teaching. Patience is definitely a virtue in our profession and one has to bring a sense of care and attention to detail when one delves into our work. 

Do you have a motto or mission statement?





Three magic words that should follow you through our movement and life.

The intention to do something, the attention you bring to it whilst performing it, and the sense of enquiry or dialogue that you have within you to create that special movement.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Still pioneering away at creating wholesome, holistic and functional movement and equipment. Taking Garuda to heights and developing other holistic lifestyle programmes.


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I have always loved being fit and active and have tried most sports, however after receiving several injuries through running I decided to give pilates a go. I immediately became hooked and just couldn't get enough of it. I then took up yoga and barre too. I loved the change to my body but also my mind and the way an hour of pilates could take away the stresses of the day. I decided as I was spending so much of my time at the studio, I might as well train to become a pilates teacher...best decision I've ever made!

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November 2021

I believe that exercise should be enjoyable and Pilates was the obvious choice for me. I love the fact it works the muscles hard, whilst being low impact and gentle on the joints. I like my classes to be friendly and welcoming, with everyone working to their own level and ability - with gentle encouragement thrown in too. I like to have fun with my classes and encourage feedback from clients to keep me on my toes too!

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